Getting Started with CSLL

Although participation is free, seeds are available on a loan basis. The intention is that the borrower learns to save seeds properly and returns some at the end of the season. This is an honor system-based program that is meant to be self-perpetuating and community supported.

Follow the library logo imagesteps below to get started:

1. Join the Butte County Library
It’s free and gives you access to thousands of books, movies, magazines, ebooks, and more!

2. Join the Chico Seed Lending Librarymembership form image
Fill out both pages (on gold paper). Your registration information will be kept private, but feel free to personalize your membership form. Read the descriptions of different seed-saving ability levels and rate yourself. Add the “Membership Form” to the membership binder on the counter by the seed cases. Turn in the “Registration Form” to the nearby Reference/Information Desk.

3. Borrow seedsseed drawers
You can choose up to five packets of seeds per season. Please choose seeds that match your seed-saving ability (not your gardening ability). List the seeds you borrow on your membership form.

4. Grow plants and save seeds
Save seeds from healthy plants with the tastiest produce or most beautiful flowers. Keep good records about plant name, variety, neighborhood where grown, date of collection, how saved, and any other notes.

5. Return seeds
Bring seeds back in a bag or envelope. Fill out the “donation” label with all requested information. Return the seeds to the Reference/Information Desk and mark the donation on your membership form.

6. Advance your knowledge and skills
Find out more about seeds, growing plants, and seed-saving by reading the Information Binder, checking out books, attending workshops, or learning more online.

Questions?  Email to:

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