9th Annual Seed Swap

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The Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) is hosting the 9th Annual Seed Swap, a community event in celebration of seed, seed saving and the joy of the Spring gardening season. This annual exchange of seed will take place on Saturday, February 3rd , 2018 from 12-3pm at the Trinity United Methodist Church (285 E 5th St) in downtown Chico.

Again in 2018, we will open up the seed swap at 11:30AM for people who have home-grown seed & seed stories to share, face to face, with local seed savers.

Home Grown Seed Share 2017

The Seed Swap is a FREE EVENT and will include the open exchange of seed as well as plants, bulbs, and cuttings, and scion wood in a ‘potluck’ style setting. There will be food and drinks for sale, gift baskets for a CSLL fundraiser, plants and seed for sale in addition to local non-profits, music, and fun for all ages.

For 9 years…

Chico’s Annual Seed Swap events have been a great way to bring our community together to share seed, plants, and gardening ideas.  In addition to the traditional exchange of seed there will be the opportunity for participants to exchange plants and scion wood too. For those who may not know, scion wood is the top section of a healthy tree branch, typically a fruit tree, which has been cut in order to be grafted onto a different tree or root stock. Exchanging locally adapted fruit trees, in particular, is a huge asset to local food security.

There will be local vendors selling plants, seeds and fruits/vegetables. Delicious food will be for sale, generously donated by Chico Natural Foods Cooperative. Drinks will be for sale by CSLL -like hot apple cider, coffee and various teas. There will also be unique gift baskets filled with seed, garden items and local foods available as a fundraiser to support the Seed Swap and Chico Seed Lending Library.

basket fundraiser
Fundraising Gift Baskets 2017

How the Seed Swap Works

The seed exchange itself functions in the same manner as a community potluck: there will be more than 8 tables for seed each labeled with a different type, such as warm and cool season vegetables, flowers, native plants, herbs and more.  Participants place their clearly labeled bulk or packaged seed on the appropriate table then continue around to the other tables to gather seed that others have brought.  Often whole packets of seed are left on the tables, but opening them and taking only what you need and sharing the rest is in the nature of the Seed Swap.

one seed = one plant

We ask everyone who participates in the Seed Swap to remember that 1 seed = 1 plant. Please ensure you do not take more than you need. Over the years we’ve seen how popular this event is in our community and we’ve also seen people taking boxes of seed away with them. This type of participation only detracts from the purpose of the seed swap… which is to share seed with everyone.

Providing seed to share is not required but please bring your own pen and envelopes or other containers to store your new seed -it’s a real help to everyone. The exchange of root divisions, cuttings, plants, scion wood, and garden harvests is also something people enjoy doing at the Seed Swap. This annual community event is always free and a fun way to celebrate the approaching Spring season for all members of our community.


You can Volunteer to help with the Seed Swap by signing up to work a shift or two such as event set up or helping serve food. Signing up to volunteer is simple and done online at the Seed Swap volunteer signup website: www.volunteersignup.org/WPDR3. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and receive a bonus for their help.

volunnteer online signup

Seed Swap Hosts and Sponsors

The Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL), Earthshed Solutions and the GRUB Education Program have hosted the annual Seed Swaps since its inception 9 years ago. The Trinity United Methodist Church is generously providing the location for this event and Chico Natural Foods Cooperative, Redwood Seed and Sustainable Seed Co. are sponsoring the 9th Annual Seed Swap.

Would your business or organization like to SPONSOR the 9th Annual Seed Swap? Contact us at info@chicoseedlendinglibrary.org. You will receive promotion in all of our marketing of the Seed Swap as well as a booth space at the event.

Donations keep the   Seed Swaps going strong…

The Annual Seed Swap and the Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) are fiscally sponsored by Earthshed Solutions, a 501(c)(3) public charity. If you wish to make a tax-deductable donation to help keep the Seed Swap going strong you can do this online or contact us at info@chicoseedlendinglibrary.org.

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