3,663 Seed Packs!


THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SIXTY THREE! That’s how many seed packets our community has borrowed from Chico Seed Lending Library over the last 3 years. There was 1,500 seed packets borrowed in 2016 alone!

We keep track of this information by taking seed inventory each month (with the exception of only a few months) in order to gauge the success of the seed library overall as well as to see what kind of trends in borrowing occur over the course of the year and what types of seed people seem most interested in borrowing.


Above is a graph which illustrates seed borrowing of all types of seed per month. It’s clear that April is THE month people are most engaged in the seed library… which makes sense as this is a prime gardening month. The soil is warm so seed germinates easily and the warming weather allows plants to grow quickly.




Above are 3 graphs which illustrates each type of seed and the borrowing trends over the last 3 years. We categorize types by Cool Season, Warm Season and Flowers/Herbs/Medicinals (which also include CA native seed). This helps us see what types people are borrowing overall in certain months of the year.

This data is not perfect but does help CSLL seed librarians, who oversee the library’s seed stock, know when and what type of seed are of most use to our community which then helps to ensure we have plenty available for borrowing.

This year we will begin collecting data on seed that is Returned to the seed library as well as donations made to CSLL. If you have seed you have borrowed and wish to return some of that seed please make sure to follow the seed protocol we have in place and ensure you give your seed to the Chico Library reference desk staff so we can keep track efficiently and also provide you with a huge Thank You!

We hope our community is enjoying CSLL and we wish you all a great gardening year!

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