New Seed Varieties!


We have many new varieties of seed!


At our June ‘Lettuce Get Together’ yesterday our wonderful volunteers helped package up summer grains for CSLL members to borrow. The varieties are so unique so we thought to share a bit more about them than the simple list we have in our Seed Inventory.

CSLL LGT 6-14-16 (5)
Jobs Tears seed (Coix lacryma-jobi)

The first photo is a grain called Jobs Tears. From the Poaceae family this summer grain grows much like its relative corn. And like corn Jobs Tears do like water and are a perennial in areas with no major frost. Its beautiful seed can be used for crafts and the seed has a small hole in the center which makes it perfect for use as a bead in jewelry! It has also been used as a grain and medicine for centuries in Asia.

CSLL LGT 6-14-16 (3)
Sesame seed (Sesamum indicum)

Next is Sesame! This variety was grown and shared with CSLL by co-founder and primary seed educator, Sherri Scott.  We also have an Afghan variety donated to us from Redwood Seed. Sesame is VERY heat and drought tolerant so is a perfect grain choice for our bioregion.

As Redwood Seed tells us on their website they are, “Graceful plants produce multitudes of tan sesame seeds along tall stalks. The dried seeds taste nutty; they can be dry roasted and used whole in cooking or ground into a paste.  Beautiful white flowers are tubular.” Sesame is a gorgeous plant all on its own as one can see from the photos here.

CSLL LGT 6-14-16 (6)
Hopi Red Dye Amaranth seed

One more unique seed variety is the Hopi Red Dye Amaranth. This gorgeous amaranth plant is grown for both it’s nutritious edible greens as well as its vibrant red dye. The Hopi have mixed the plant with flour corn for centuries to make their world-renowned piki bread. Native Seeds/SEARCH tells us how to make piki bread or tortillas, “To use Hopi Red Dye for piki or tortillas, soak a large handful of flowers, leaves, and stems in water overnight in water. Mix the water with finely ground cornmeal to the desired consistency. It will result in a pink or fuchsia colored batter. Alternatively grind the flour bracts on a metate and add to cornmeal.

CSLL LGT 6-14-16 (7)

In addition to the varieties we mentioned above we have LOADS more seed for you borrow, as you can see from the photo at left. So come on in, check them out and CHECK THEM OUT!!

Thanks for supporting CSLL and have a great beginning to summer!

In Seedy Abundance,

~The Chico Seed Lending Library Team
Sherri Scott, Jane Hirtel, Joan Bosque, Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper and Sarah Vantrease
(CSLL is a collaborative program lead by Earthshed Solutions, GRUB Education Program and the Butte County Library)


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